Studio Light Workshop Ireland November 2019


studio light workshop + maternity and baby practice sessions

NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL STUDIO LIGHT  workshop has been designed for those who want to learn how to use studio light to achieve STUDIO WINDOW effect and natural looking images.

pinimageI strongly believe that light is a key factor in creating stunning images for your clients. I also believe that you shouldn’t be limited to, or by available natural light. Instead, I will teach you how to replace a natural light window with my ‘studio window‘ system that uses studio light and is easy to replicate in most studio spaces. I use this light for all of my sessions, maternity, newborn, baby and family and it helps me to achieve this beautiful, natural, almost lifestyle feel to my images.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a few more reasons why studio lighting is a photographer’s best friend:

– it’s easy to use once you’ve mastered the basics
– it’s reliable, no more session cancellations due to insufficient day light
– it’s consistent, making your editing a breeze
– it can be beautiful

Who is it for:

It’s for both, natural light photographers who want to learn natural looking studio lighting to compliment their current style, and for studio light photographers who struggle to make their light look natural and would like to move away from more traditional light set ups (high key etc).

What will be covered:

Studio lighting equipment. It will involve explaining the equipment, considerations before buying, how to put everything together and make it work with the camera.
My lighting set up. We’ll go over the ‘studio window’ set up I use in most of my sessions and how I modify it depending on what ‘look’ I want to achieve.
Shooting with ‘studio window’ – a maternity and baby session. We will shoot 2 sessions together, a maternity and a baby session, so you can put into practice what we’ve learnt about the light.
 Editing with my own preset, which all attendees will receive
Q&A session

Athenry, co. Galway

Friday 29th November 2019

345 GBP


This not a portfolio building workshop, nor a posing workshop. Whereas there might be elements of posing included during the sessions, the main focus of the sessions is to teach you about studio lighting and how to make it work for you. Also, I’m going to be teaching you my way of working with studio lights and the set ups are I use. I’m not saying they are they the only way to work with studio lighting, or the best, but they have worked for me. Before you book, please make sure you’re familiar with my work and my style.

This workshop is not available for anyone within 80 miles from PR7 2SG, or anyone already teaching workshops.