Naturally Beautiful Preset

Custom preset design

Who’s tired of their lengthy editing process? who’s fed up of buying actions that promise beautiful looking images in an instant, but in reality mean endless tweaking and frustration with not being able to achieve the desired look? And hands up those of you who shoot on white backdrops and are fed up with those pink/yellow/green stains or banding, ruining your prints and albums?

Well, I think I might just have a solution for you, a CUSTOM designed preset, TAILOR made, and developed on the basis of your own images and preferred editing style, that gives you one click of a button process resulting in your images having a beautiful classic look.

My editing has been evolving over the years, and as with my photography style, simplicity has always bee the goal.

By simplicity I mean the clean minimalistic look, as well as the number of actions used and time spent on editing an image.
I’ve been working on this little preset of mine for a while, and after months of testing and adjusting, I think it’s ready.

I’ve been testing it on different images, other photographers’ images, Canon, Nikon…  and it seems to be working beautifully on all.

It minimises  backdrop stains and banding on images and is suitable for both studio, and natural light.

The beauty lies in the fact that it’s just one preset, one click of the button that transforms an image from this to that.


How it works:
– Upon enquiry, I will ask you to send me a couple of raw images, so I can assess if the preset will work with your pictures * No payment is taken until I am certain I can deliver a product you’ll be happy with.
– If we decide to go ahead, we’ll start with a consultation over Skype/Messenger in order to go over your image style preferences. I will then ask you to send me 6 raw images that represent your work.
– I will develop a preset based on our consultation and the images you sent me. We will then have another consultation, during which we’ll go over each image and, based on your feedback, we’ll have a chance to fine tune the preset, if required. I will then edit the images again and send over to you for approval.
– The final step will be us editing the images together, you’ll be able to see my screen and I will talk you through the elements of the preset and show you how it works, then we’ll practise until you’re confident using it.

The investment: 
– early bird: £150 (untill the end of November 2017)
– regular price: £195
– past mentoring/workshop clients: £100

I’m not selling a ready made preset, I’m creating a preset specifically for you and your needs.

*This preset has been developed for ACR, but I will be working on a LR version soon.
*This preset will work best on images with similar style to mine, shot with natural window light, or studio light mimicking window light, with white/cream backdrops. However, feel free to contact me if your style is different, I will still happily give it a go 🙂