Outfit Guide for mummy&me sessions

Don’t underestimate the power of outfits in photography.

I’ve seen it so many times… perfect lighting, beautiful posing, meticulously arranged set up and all that hard work ruined by poorly chosen outfits! Don’t underestimate the power of clothes to make or break an image, they are as important as all the other elements.

I feel that it’s our job as photographers to be able to point our clients into the right direction when it comes to choosing their outfits for the session. Whether it’s a pdf with links, a pinterest inspiration board, or as it is in my case in person pre session consultation, explaining to your clients what works and what doesn’t is a must.

On top of that, I would also recommend a well stocked studio wardrobe, perfect for those last minute clients who don’t have time to organise their outfits before the session, or those who struggle to find the right outfits (a selection of white maxi dresses in the middle of winter can be sometimes limited!).

And mind you, when I say a well stocked wardrobe, I don’t mean the quantity. A few quality pieces will be enough to get you started. Wondering what you should invest in? Let me show you what I consider my wardrobe essentials and which one outfit idea for mums never fails me.

Download your copy HERE

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